Project Description

Written by Eric Bogosian

Directed by Greg Foro

SubUrbia” is set against the backdrop of a fractured American Dream…and the American nightmare. The play depicts the bitter rage and frustration of a group of lonely young people living in a suburban community desperately searching for a meaning to their lives. Lost without any sense of leadership or direction, their anger turns to violence as they fight against the futility of values that they can’t understand and refuse to accept. This is ambitious stuff with comedic undertones and the brave ending has an unexpected twist leaving the air suffused with tragedy. The characters seethe with large caustic doses of humor, anger and angst… there’s no denying Bogosian’s crackling intelligence, his rejection of easy sentimentality, and the way he often does capture the cadences of alienation.

Evening Performances
October 14, 15, 21, 22 | 7p.m.

Matinee Performances
October 16 & 23 | 2p.m.

The Alfred H. Muller Studio Theatre
Tickets:  Adults $9 | Students, Seniors $4